What does a G-spot orgasm feel like?

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Based on both the research and women's descriptions, we can identify some basic elements:

• A G-spot orgasm feels less genitally focused than an orgasm from clitoral stimulation, and more like it is spreading throughout the body.

• Women often describe it as a deeper orgasm--they can feel contractions deep in the vaginal walls and even the uterus.

• Others say it lasts longer than other kinds of orgasms; it feels like a big release of tension, and/or it feels more intense.

• Deborah Sundahl makes the argument in her book that the G-spot "is a gateway to deeper aspects of sexual expression and intimacy.

• Some say it feels more emotional; they may feel strongly connected to their bodies, their partners, or even the universe.

When asked to describe a G-spot orgasm, some women say it just feels different. That may sound vague, but considering all the different ways we can come, each orgasm does feel different. No orgasm is better or worse. Our orgasms produce different sensations and reactions, resonate in various parts of the body, and cause a variety of emotional and even spiritual responses.